Sunday, 1 March 2015

A free Story (Campaign) "Curse of the Arrowblack"

Curse of the Arrowblack

A few big things happening over here in Lair of Sword and Sorcery.

You've seen me give in once, and start selling the books online in addition to the retailers.
Now I'm breaking down again and in the future you will see pdf's available for sale.

Free to download!

I've also decided to make the first Lair of Sword and Sorcery Story free for download.
In Lair a Story is what I call a series of linked Scenarios. It lies somewhere in between an encounter and a campaign.
The Curse of the Arrowblack story will be published as one of the issues of Stroh Branoch (likely after the Veteran issue but perhaps before) but will be immediately available here on the site as well as a pdf download for free.
It will be in the same format as the usual zine, same size, colour cover etc and the print copy will be for sale for money like the rest of the issues.

Never roleplayed before?

The curse of Arrowblack is written specifically for people who have never roleplayed or run a game before.
The plot is relatively simple and the roleplaying elements are relatively light. I want this to be a fun introduction to "roleplaying" for those of you who have always wanted to play a roleplaying game but were daunted by, where to start, what to do, too many rules, how do I run a game?
All of those things will be covered in this issue.

So if you've always wanted to give this whole roleplaying thing a try then now is the time (better get the first 2 issues of Lair first though the rules are in there)

For those who have gone before...

For all of you people who have been roleplaying for years, in many games, many systems, and read and run many adventures:

This story is written for people who are new to the game. There will be nothing earthshaking or world changing for experienced roleplayers. You're going to see the same kind of things that have gone before. There will be a few Winterlands twists and It will have the Kartharka and Lair feel but if I described the plot for you, you would not be inmpressed.

I'm okay with that, this is for people who have never played and haven't had the chance to do these things yet. I wanted to do the whole Lair of Sword and Sorcery game in this kind of theme.
These are all things that have been done before in a different way but I wanted to start over and do it all my way, the Kartharka way.
My hope is that you will still enjoy reading what I'm putting out there and that experienced roleplayers will find new joy in these simple pleasures, done right.


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