Tuesday, 26 May 2015

New Free Lair: Stronghold of the Warlord

Behold! From beyond the mountains of the Grand Scarp, the Stronghold of the Warlord.

A scenario of perilous difficulty the heroes must first free themselves from the Slavers hold, only to throw themselves against the monstrous stone fist of the Warlords Fortress!

Many wonders await within.
Thrill,as the heroes run from the fierce war-sleds of the slavers!
Quake as the learn their fate in the cells of the Warlord.
Revel in the action and adventure, as the heroes brave the defenses of the fortress.

Also included are guidelines for capturing nets, castle defenses, as well as a fearsome prison escape!

Listen now to the tale of the Warlord.

The village of Trusk has been harried and attacked repeatedly by slavers of the the local bandit Warlord. Suddenly appearing in the land with seemingly unlimited treasure, he has hired all bandits and mercenaries int he area to his cause.

He sends these to the villages and settlements to gather slaves for his fiendish mines, digging for some terrible ore that saps the strength and mind of the miners.

What he does with this terribly ill gotten ore is unknown but his grip on the land is unstoppable, that is to all but our band of heroes.

Notes for the Demonlord:

For all you Demonlords I present "Stronghold of the Warlord!".
A lair inspired by those great castle playsets and the fun we had with them.
This one is a bit of a meat grinder however, I wouldn't suggest anyone using their favourite hero in this one! Unless they truly wished to test their mettle.

This lair will also encourage a lot of creative play from the Demonlord! There is no preset solution for the heroes to escape their cells. Be responsive to their plans and allow them a fair shot in any of their schemes. As long as their plan is thrilling or well thought out it should be given a good chance at success. This scenario is not meant to leave them enslaved forever in the perilous mines of the Overlord.

The same goes for the invasion of the stronghold. There are no endurance points or attk stats for gates and walls, and no rules are given for creating battering rams or catapults, what would a band of 3 or 4 heroes do with such a thing anyway?

They will need to use cunning and speed to defeat the fortress, possibly slipping in at night while avoiding the guards or distracting the Warlord or forcing him to leave in some other way. Again, pay heed to the the plans of the heroes, any ideas should be encouraged and any attempt should be given at least a chance of success.

Below are the usual template sheets for a Lair.
Simply click on the picture for a larger image.

I hope your heroes thrill to this Lair and let us know here at the hub how your players do against the Stronghold of the Warlord!


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