What kind of Character can I play?

Anything you want! The Lair of Sword & Sorcery system is classless. That means that anyone can fight, anyone can pick a pocket, anyone can summon a spirit.
Characters are made with a point build system. You can build your character anyway you want. Want a good fighter, give them a high strength score. Plan on doing a lot of sneaking? Put your points into Quickness. Think you might want to dabble in the dark arts? Put your points into the Other World stat.

If your character starts off with a low score in something, there's still nothing to worry about, you can increase it using Veteran points and the Veteran syste.

The Veteran advancement system

Characters earn veteran points for surviving dangerous combats or completing difficult tasks.
These points can be spent on buying new skills or increasing skills you already have.
Skills can increase your combat, your stats, or allow you to do new things, like make potions.
Characters start with a selection of equipment and weapons. The world of Kartharka is a barbaric place with little technology so this equipment is mostly weapons and camping gear.


No character starts as a Sorceror, but any may become one. By locating a book of infernal knowledge or some other source of this information the Character can learn how to summon their first familiar spirit.
This spirit will not only obey the commands of it's owner, it will also lead them on the path of Sorcery and summoning more powerful spirits.

The only limit is your imagination!

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