Saturday, 22 April 2017

Ooh that's spooky....

|Last night I walked into a room full of teenagers, not too weird for our house, it's our kid's D&D night.
What was weird was seeing 3 of them holding bottled horrors and having a fourth one buy one on the spot.

For the first time in the history of Spooky Room Productions someone, in real life, knew what my books were, and actually wanted one.

Had to drink beer all night to recuperate.
And because it was Friday.

See what all the fuss is about at
Bottled Wonders at Drive Thru RPG


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Bottled Wonder Print Copies at Heroes Beacon

Bottled Wonders Print Copies at Heroes Beacon

And the ultra rare Print copies of the bottled wonders are at the Heroes Beacon here in Saint John, New Brunswick (In Canada folks).
So far the print copies are just going to be there and if you see me at a con. Just too crazy expensive to ship from here.

You can get your pdfs at Drive Thru Rpg and print them off freely though, go nuts and print two copies.

Thanks to all of your who have downloaded already and to any of you looking to do reviews just send your email to and I'll sort you out with a review copy.



Saturday, 15 April 2017

Calling for Reviews for Bottled Wonders

Calling for Reviews for Bottled Wonders

If you hadn't heard yet, I've finally dipped my toe in the OSR waters. I'm prepping up a home game now and along with getting that up and going I'll be releasing some OSR books to use with it.

The first is "Bottled Wonders of the Decanter", a collection of magic items created from various pickled things.

It can be found at Drive Thru RPG here.

I would love a few reviews for Bottled Wonders though so if anyone is interested in writing one send your email to and I'll sort you out with a free copy to review.

And don't worry all, LoSS isn't dead. Lot's more material still to come for that game but I've got the hankering to do some OSR for a while so the heavy lifting for the main background book will wait for a bit. I plan on having a new issue of LoSS coming out in the fall. A long wait I know but since I don't have a home game going for that at the moment that's the way it goes.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

OSR from Ripley Stonebrook! Bottled Wonders of the Decanter

New OSR magic items from Spooky Room Productions

The newest title from spooky Room productions is here, "Bottled Wonders of the Decanter".
A new type of magic item, and best of all, it's OSR compatible.

Available now from Drive Thru RPG, for only $0.99!

Want to know more? Here's an excerpt fromt the book:

Behold! I present to you a wholly new class of magic item to baffle and amaze your players, The Bottled Wonder. 
A myriad of strange things pickled and preserved in bottles, ready to be experimented with by your players.
These pickled treasures range from the merely amusing to the horrifically cursed.
Tired of handing out another +1 sword, or healing potion, when the heroes have defeated their enemies? 
Try presenting them with a “Visible Chicken” and watch them try to figure out what it does, or if it does anything at all.
All of the items in this book (110 in all) are presented to the heroes as something preserved in a bottle; noses, hands, fruits or whole creatures. 
Some of them replicate the effects of spells, potions, scrolls or other magic items players are already familiar with. 
Others are unique in their powers and effects.
But where did these bottled things come from?
Bottled wonders were created hundreds of years ago in the dim history of the world. 
Created by the great Decanter class that preceded the alchemists and wizards seen in the world the characters now adventure in.
The Decanters predate magic as it is known now, they tinkered and experimented, taking advantage of the magical powers of the strange creatures sometimes found in the wilds of the world, attempting to harness their powers by preserving the parts of their bodies associated with magical abilities.
Mostly their efforts were fruitless, but they were occasionally able to accomplish marvelous things.
However the nature of the bottled horrors worked against them. 
Preservation methods were far from perfect, and the magical forces they attempted to harness were not yet understood.
This means that a Decanter often pulled forth their bottles to perform some feat and were disappointed when the contents merely spilled forth upon the floor in a stinking mess. 
Or worse the effect turned on the caster as some terrible random effect occurred.
This led to the abandonment of bottled wonders as the studies of alchemy and wizardry progressed.
Thus the wonders were lost to history, with the practice of decanting being long forgotten by all except historians and story tellers.

So head on over to Drive Thru RPG and check it out now!
~Ripley Stonebrook

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Print Edition of LoSS Core Rules 2nd Edition is Here!

At long last the print edition of the Core 2nd edition rules for Lair of Sword & Sorcery are available in print on Drive Thru RPG!

Get  it here right now for only $12, and download the pdf for free with any order of a print copy (usually a $4.99 value)
Loss Core on Drive Thru

Perfect bound with a colour interior, this thing turned out really great.

Lair of Sword and Sorcery is a rules light, miniature heavy, roleplaying game in the Sword & Sorcery world of Kartharka.

It's big, it's thick, and it's loaded with art!

Want to know more? Here's what it says on Drivethru
"Here at Last!
A complete Sword & Sorcery Roleplaying adventure game!
A game that get's back to the basics of moving some heroes around a 3d dungeon while fighting tactical battles against amazing enemies.
This is the complete Lair of Sword & Sorcery Roleplaying game. The Core rules of the system including instructions for the super simple Demonboard, a bestiary and instructions for creating your own enemies.
Also included is the all new campaign "Spider Time!"
At long last all the rules for the game of LoSS have been rewritten, revised and expanded, all available in one book.
What else is inside? The complete LoSS Lair system of templates, using these you can create adventures and campaigns in hours, not days!
Also inside is the LoSS Sorcery magic system. Heroes do not speak works to work their magic spells, they control powerful demons and spirits whose powers vary from inconsequential to god-like."

Want to know More?
Check out the Loss Site here for all things Lair and Kartharka!

Thanks to all the Blood Reavers, this one has been a long time coming

Friday, 13 January 2017

Drive Thru RPG Sale!

The Drive Thru Sale is on, take advantage of the "New Year, New Game" sale now and save a couple bucks on the all new revised 2nd edition of Lair of Sword & Sorcery.

Monday, 26 December 2016

One Last Present for the Holidays, LoSS Core in Print

Here's on last Holiday Treat for you all!
Print copies are coming soon to Drive Thru RPG but, you can get your print copy right now from Lulu!
For those of you waiting eagerly to get their hands on an actual copy made of paper here's your chance!
Head on over to Lulu right now by clicking on the link.