Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Print Edition of LoSS Core Rules 2nd Edition is Here!

At long last the print edition of the Core 2nd edition rules for Lair of Sword & Sorcery are available in print on Drive Thru RPG!

Get  it here right now for only $12, and download the pdf for free with any order of a print copy (usually a $4.99 value)
Loss Core on Drive Thru

Perfect bound with a colour interior, this thing turned out really great.

Lair of Sword and Sorcery is a rules light, miniature heavy, roleplaying game in the Sword & Sorcery world of Kartharka.

It's big, it's thick, and it's loaded with art!

Want to know more? Here's what it says on Drivethru
"Here at Last!
A complete Sword & Sorcery Roleplaying adventure game!
A game that get's back to the basics of moving some heroes around a 3d dungeon while fighting tactical battles against amazing enemies.
This is the complete Lair of Sword & Sorcery Roleplaying game. The Core rules of the system including instructions for the super simple Demonboard, a bestiary and instructions for creating your own enemies.
Also included is the all new campaign "Spider Time!"
At long last all the rules for the game of LoSS have been rewritten, revised and expanded, all available in one book.
What else is inside? The complete LoSS Lair system of templates, using these you can create adventures and campaigns in hours, not days!
Also inside is the LoSS Sorcery magic system. Heroes do not speak works to work their magic spells, they control powerful demons and spirits whose powers vary from inconsequential to god-like."

Want to know More?
Check out the Loss Site here for all things Lair and Kartharka!

Thanks to all the Blood Reavers, this one has been a long time coming

Friday, 13 January 2017

Drive Thru RPG Sale!

The Drive Thru Sale is on, take advantage of the "New Year, New Game" sale now and save a couple bucks on the all new revised 2nd edition of Lair of Sword & Sorcery.

Monday, 26 December 2016

One Last Present for the Holidays, LoSS Core in Print

Here's on last Holiday Treat for you all!
Print copies are coming soon to Drive Thru RPG but, you can get your print copy right now from Lulu!
For those of you waiting eagerly to get their hands on an actual copy made of paper here's your chance!
Head on over to Lulu right now by clicking on the link.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

More Shameless Plugging

And on the "more shameless plugging" subject....
Added a donate button to the Blog.
Want to support LoSS but already have all the books that you want? Go for the Donation.


Sunday, 18 December 2016

LoSS Core is a hit!

It's been a wild 24 hours, with a release dropped right into the middle of the busiest time at work and home...The Holidays!

Not to mentionlaunching a new release a week before Christmas when peoples money is pretty tied up.

But it's been a great success!

The core book is having the best first sale dale in spooky room history with 12 copies selling in the first 24 hours. Not bad at all!

I decided to shift focus back to the core rules instead of releasing another 2 issues this year because it really needed to be done. Lot's of people were downloading the issues but I was getting the feeling that alot of people were buying them, thinking all the background stuff was great and cool, and that the rules were pretty neat, but that when it got down to playtime not having all the rules in one place was making gameplay difficult for those that don't already know the system.

I also wanted to make Lair of Sword & Sorcery accessible to those who had never played a role-playing game before. For someone with no background experience of a Roleplaying game the rules could seem a little difficult to understand, especially with no overview like, "what is a role-playing game" and "how do you play" along with things like examples of play, etc.

And this book is chock full of those! Lot's of examples, diagrams, even an expanded an organized equipment list.

What it doesn't contain is all the world of Kartharka stuff. I decided to make that all into a seperate books since a) this one was already huge, and b) I wanted to present the world book as a dual book for Lair of Sword and Sorcery and traditional OSR game play, so that you can use the world of Kartharka with any system.

So if you haven't heard yet, or you heard and forgot, the Core rulebook is here and you can get it at DRIVETHRURPG. Click the link and head there now!


Friday, 16 December 2016

LoSS Core rules Released, Get it Now!

Well here we are!
The 2nd edition of LoSS is finally here! This Core rulebook contains all the rules from the first 5 issues of LoSS magazine and so much more!

It's a complete roleplaying game all in one book, the rules are meant to be used with the Sword and Sorcery world of Kartharka detailed in the LoSS magazine. But any world will do, make up your own or use one you already have.

For those of you already in on the secret of LoSS you'll be glad to see these rules are fully revised, edited and expanded, with a full table of Contents!
Also included are some instructions for a super simple demonboard to get you by till you make a full demonborrd as described in issue 1.

New players will find they can jump in right away without reading all the rules. They can read the first section "the basics" and jump right in to playing the LoSS Skirmish game also included in the book.

When the players have learned enough of the rules they can use the included example hero or make their own to play the included campaing "spider time".

Want to learn more? Go check it out at Drive Thru RPG now!

Now that the hard sell is out of the way I want to thank all of you who have supported the game for so long, I couldn't have made it this far without you. Special thanks to +Raymond Saulnier +Adam Muszkiewicz +avantpulp +kreg Mosier +Donn Stroud +edchuk sockmonkey +Mike Evans and everyone in the LoSS playtest group.

And all the rest of you who have commented +1'd, shared, reshared or downloaded the game.
Here's to a wild new year!

To all my Blood Reavers, I salute you!

~Ripley Stonebrook

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

LoSS core rules are coming! I swear!

LoSS Core Rules still coming soon!

With the writing of the LoSS Core rules I was going to originally just have the rules, only the rules, and nothing but the rules.

But once your a year into a project you can't help adding a few things to make it complete!

Also to be included in LoSS Core Rules:

Just kidding, but alot

. I decided to include the bestiary and the guidelines for creating your own monsters, enemies and spirits. Both to make the book a complete roleplaying game, and because the Sorcery rules cross reference the spirit creation rules so much it was just easier to put them in than to completely rewrite something new for the book.

Also included are some more things to make the book a complete role-playing game:

I wanted the Core rules to be readable and understood by anyone, not just people already playing role-playing games.
So I included things like:
An example of play, a few pages describing a typical game of Lair
A brand new campaign just for this book "Spider Time" specifically written to introduce the new game master to roleplaying and to explain the rules as you go along.
A "how to get started" section, describing just enough of the game so the players and Demonlord don't have to read the whole book before playing their first game (It's at about 150 pages at the moment)

I also didn't want people to have to go and download all the issues of LoSS and have to read them before making use of the Core book, so included in Core is the "Super Simple" Demonboard instructions, just good enough for your first few games.

Also included is a new and improved Demonlord screen,

And so much More!

New Templates, new character sheets, New Everything!

Are the rules the same?

Yes and no. The rules have been completely rewritten to refer to each other more accurately, and many of the gaps in the original game have been filled in, for example there is now a "movement" and "The Turn" section in the book.
Some things have been changed slightly to take into account the later rules changes which occurred between issues 1 and 5, some things have been slightly re balanced, the armor system is the same but presented differently.

Mostly the new rules are more in line with what I meant the rules to be the first time, as opposed to how they were written in the books before.

How much left to do?

Almost done, again. The book is in it's fourth draft now and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, else I intend to add. The final markup has been finished so it's just going in and fixing all the edits, typos etc. I also have one last photo shoot. So a week or two. You know the usual lies.

Review Copies

Yep this one is going to be a regular priced download, for $1.99. Which I think is fair considering it is a completel role-playing game. If you are a reviewer out there who wants to do a rewiew then let me know and I'll hook you up with a reviewer copy when the book is released.

Hopefully you'll be hearing from me Soon my Blood Reavers!