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The Lair of Sword & Sorcery game.
Lair Book PDF's
 The flagship product of Spookyroom Productions.
The LoSS game is presented as a semiregular periodical. Issues 1-5 comprise the Core Rules of the game.

The Lair of Sword & Sorcery Core 2nd edition Rules.
All the rules from issues 1-5 expanded and revised with an all new campaign, new templates, and a bestiary, and the super simple version of the Demonboard playing matte.
Pdf's can be bought at DriveThruRPG

Issue 1 Demonboard

This issue contains all the instructions you need to create your own Demonboard. A 3d dungeon you can make yourself with only a few dollars worth of supplies. Absolutely neccessary for running games of Lair of Sword & Sorcery.
Also a great item for anyone running a Roleplaying game in need of a spectacular looking 3d Dungeon.

Pdf's can be bought at GumRoad, DriverThruRPG

Issue 2 The Combat issue

The Main rules of Lair of Sword and Sorcery.
Containing rules for Character Creation, Combat, and other necessities of any adventure game.
The rules in this issue can also be used along with the Demonboard issue to play the Lair of Sword & Sorcery Skirmish wargame. Pit a group of heroes agains a group of enemies for underground Combat!
Pdf's can be bought at GumRoad, DriverThruRPG

Issue 3 The Veteran issue


This is the big one, the issue that the players are really waiting for.
Including rules for increasing your characters power and influence.
It also includes the Fame and Favour system, finnally a set of rules letting players leverage their roles as heroes (or villains).
There is plenty as well for the Demonlord, lots more rules, suggestions and advice for running the game as well as stat blocks for enemey animals, and the beginnings of the Lair Sorcery rules for including sorcerous items and enemies in their lairs.
Pdf's can be bought at GumRoad, DriverThruRPG

Issue 4 Sorcery!

The magazine makes it's official name change to LoSS. New name same great game.
Full size issue! Measuring 8.25 inches by 10.75 inches and printed in full colour!
Now players and demonlords can add the Sorcery half of their Sword and Sorcery games.
Containing all the rules for summoning spirits, creating sorcerous items, and much, much more!
Pdf's can be bought at GumRoad, DriverThruRPG

Issue 5: Lairs!
This issue includes all the templates, guidelines and rules for creating your own Lairs and Stories for the game.
Printed in Black and White with a colour cover, measuring 8.5x11 and yes it's sideways!
This is the final issue in the core series of LoSS books finishing the complete game of LoSS.
Pdf's can be bought at GumRoad, DriverThruRPG

Issue 6: Sorceress of Zhaan.
This is one big issue! Articles include: The Limrust family, Law in the Winterlands, Rules for Roguish Activities, Sheriff's of the Winterlands, and the Sorceress of Zhaan adventure.
And that's not all! The pdf version includes a video tour of the Refinery and it's own soundtrack!
Pdf's can be bought at GumRoad, DriverThruRPG

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