In most of Kartharka the metal known as platinum is only a legend.

Most believe it to exist only in ancient stories.  In the mountains all know that it is real, and it is taken very seriously

Never found in it’s natural state, no platinum ore has ever been found. It is instead found only in the form of ancient coins or in even rarer cases as jewelry, rings, bracelets and even crowns have been found.

The empire lusts for platinum like nothing else however, more valuable even than iron no one in all of Kartharka may posses it other than the emperor.

It is illegal to possess platinum anywhere in Kartharka and anyone found with it is killed instantly.  

However in the mountains it is sometimes found by the Miners.  Mining law dictates it must be immediately taken to an Imperial refinery where it is exchanged for a great reward equal to 20 times it’s weight in gold.  Indeed many know of at least one poor miner who has retired after finding a cache of these coins in their travels.  Indeed some even find enough to pay for passage on the caravan all the way to the imperial city and a life of excess and luxury.

None know why the emperor demands this tribute but all obey this law.

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