Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Issue 2 underway

The adventure Continues!
Issue 2: ~The Combat Issue~
The contents of Issue 2 have been finalized.
The frozen wastes of the mountain stronghold of the first men will be further revealed in the starting character setting of Stroh-Branock.  One of the Winterlands capitals it is the center of iron mining in the fearsome Valley of Fangs.

Next the readers are plunged into the actual meat of the Lair of Sword and Sorcery game system.

Character creation, equipment, and combat will all be covered in this issue.

But the Demonlord is not left out in this issue, also included will be the Lair of Sword and Sorcery skirmish game, allowing the players and the Demonlord to get to know the combat rules through a tabletop skirmish type war game. Player versus Player and Player vs Demonlord will all be covered, as well as premade scenarios and guidelines for creating your own scenarios.
An excellent way to learn the Lair rules without burning through your precious characters. It also allows the beginning Demonlord to get to grips with making the difficult decisions and rules interpretation which fall to any Game master.

Scenario creation also serves the Demonlord as good practice for creating full fledged adventures and campaigns later, a good scenario is really just a less complicated adventure and after getting a few of these under their belt the Demonlord should have the confidence to make their own adventures.
The Winterlands

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