Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Retailers will soon join the battle!

Work is progressing on the Lair Retailer Site. Soon retailers of Brick and Mortar stores will be able to order their Lair products through our own distribution website.
Any retailer interested in carrying the Lair of Sword and Sorcery line can contact me at and I will send them the login information once it is active.

Why go this route instead of posting on places like Drive Thru RPG and

Because the Roleplaying hobby is a community. The centers of these communities are the Brick and Mortar Game stores and comic stores. Too often in the community we expect to use their gaming tables, to post our games on their bulletin boards, meet people in their stores and have them host our games. But people still go to to buy discount books and games.

Even companies like Wizards of the Coast expect gamestores to host their events, but when the new 5th edition books come out they allow Amazon to discount their books while your local retailer is selling them at cover price.

When was the last time you went into to play your favourite game. or meet new people?

So, for me, only allowing real life stores to carry my products, seems to be the only choice.

So if you are a retailer of comics or games, or even a magazine or convenience store, any place with a real front door people can walk into, send your Name, company name, address, and email to and become a retailer for the new community of Adventure gaming.

To those of you who wish to buy Lair in your home town, simply ask your local store to check out this site at
On the menu is a new link for Retailers with all the same information.

Happy gaming to all, soon you will crush the skulls of your enemies in issue 2 "Combat".

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