Thursday, 19 February 2015

My game Begins!

Well it's finally happening, due to snopocalypse my game has got pushed back by over a month but we are playing on Friday no matter what.
The Veteran rules have been all officially hashed out and are just getting edited now so those lucky players will get to have Ranked characters before the rest of the world.
They will be the first group to enter Stroh-Branoch in many moons and I'm pretty excited to head back there.
They will begin, like most campaigns begin, on the road to Stroh Branoch, walking in the wake of the Black Caravan, hoping to fortune and adventure in the Winterlands.
Like any campaign beginning there are many secrets in the land which will only be revealed as play continues. The story of the Winterlands runs deep.
My last group failed to crack open that story but laid a great groundwork for the heroes that would come later.
For any players that may have been in that game much has changed, a hundred years have passed since their entrance of the Valley of Death, and the few things they brought back are now shrouded in Mystery. The unrest and talk of Civil war has died down, and the Empire has withdrawn again to it's capital sending forth their caravans still.
It is said the middle time of the year is a bit warmer due to those brave heroes but most dismiss that as the memory of old-timers.
Others warned that they stirred up foul magics in the world and that dark things which once slept now awaken in the woods and caves.

Reports and discussion will come!

Watch the page for reports of the game. There should be a lot of fun and mayhem.
I will be starting up separate sections for Demonlords and players to follow along as the campaign will be published as well, likely as a separate issue of Lair, or it may be released in the Demonlord versions of upcoming issues of Lair.

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