Saturday, 7 February 2015

Site Redesign

New Look for the Sword and Sorcery Hub

Under Construction

The site redesign is all up and functional.
A few things have been rearranges, all of the background info is now on the "World of Kartharka" page. Links at the bottom will take  you to expanded background now instead of a seperate link for each on the menu.
The menu is now at the top of the page and the right of the page now has the quick action buttons.
Now that the redesign is done I can start dropping in all the new content, there will be quite a bit added to the page so I will be posting as I add the material as well as where you can find it.
Alot of great new things from issue 1 and 2 are going up on the site along with perhaps a little teaser of issue 3.
So come on by and leave a comment on how you like (or don't like the new site)

ps. there are a couple of places that only have placeholder text at the moment, the parts that complained about the most will get updates first.


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