Sunday, 29 March 2015

Veteran. Cover. Finally. Done...

Sorry for the lack of activity of late but I've been working on the cover for the Veteran issue, and it's been a doozy.
Many years ago I stopped doing these big elaborate pieces as I'm still quite slow with painting and they take way too long.

But I got sucked in by this one, it was just turning out too good.

It's the first time I've actually gone through the whole reference image thing in a long time as well. Was just looking for some good pics of tigers and I got sucked into doing a "real" painting once again.

Originally I wasn't going to use the line work you can see if you zoom in but I found the painting was straying a bit too much from the Kartharka feel I was going for and so I decided to leave the last render pass undone and added the linework back in and darkened it up.  Gave it that look that I prefer to use for Lair.

Hopefully things will get back on track now after taking almost a month on this monster.

So enjoy the cover and worry not, it's all written and I'm just moving on to the simpler interior art now.

Back to regular life...


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