Monday, 27 April 2015


Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, I've been completely sucked into making up this newest scenario for Lair, I'm writing up the new one in the new format and will go back and reformat burrower before publishing.
I've found a system that works finally and I'm loving it, I've also been highly distracted by the batch of mini's I got for Lair, I've been looking for the perfect, easily replicated by anyone, painting system for my Lair minis and I've hit something that works so good I'm shocked.

Instead of painting them like unique little snowflakes like I would for my Warhammer army I struck upon a technique that makes them look just like prepainted toy soldiers from the 70's. If we toys r us would have sold prepainted d&d minis back in the 70's, it would look just like this.

I'll post some pics once I'm through the next couple of batches, for now I'm off to finish up some maps!

I wish I could just put out burrower now so you guys could enjoy but the party hasn't "playtested" the last area yet.
And unfortunately it's only about an hour of content so I want to have the next adventures ready to go as soon as it's wrapped up so we don't just sit around for the rest of the night.

See you all soon!


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