Friday, 26 June 2015

How the Lair site has grown...

How Lair has grown...

It's benchmark time again!

First off if you look above you'll see another piece of Wizard art by the esteemed +Adam Muszkiewicz  for the Sorcery issue. Again show some love and check out +Drink Spin Run - An RPG Talk Show Podcast  and +Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad .

With this issue we are starting to see the fans get involved in Lair with this avalanche of fan art in the past few days. This is what Lair was meant to be, all of us getting together to share in the fun!

And what benchmarks have we hit now that Lair is 9 months old (not even a year yet!).

100 posts (including this one) of updates on Lair Content
9 Months of fun and game design
4316 Views from fans like you
15 Unique Pages of content
3 issues of Lair now in print
1 campaign underway
2 stories written up, one almost done playtesting and the other ready to go.
14 free lairs for download and use by Demonlords

And all the things in progress that I never even knew we'd be doing

The Lair Soundtrack
The Lair Synth
Lair animations
And even more secrets that I can't talk about yet.

We've even made it into a couple of comic shops, some of them far far away. Locally you can find them at Heroes Beacon, In Moncton you can find them at Comic Hunter.
(I hear rumours you can find them in your local Strange Adventures shops but actual sighting haven't been verified)

Copies have even winged their way across the border to various spots in the USA.

We are finally up on RPGGeek which was a herculean effort for +Raymond Saulnier due to the games bizarre publishing format. Thanks Ray!

Lair even got some reviews by issue 2 before heroes could even gain ranks. Thanks again +kreg Mosier and +Adam Muszkiewicz 

And for all of this I thank all of you the fans, the Demonlords, the Heroes, and all you Blood Reavers who visit the site to see what we're throwing on the table here in the great Northern Winterlands.

There's lots more coming and it's hard for even me to believe that it's even better than whats come before.


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