Saturday, 20 June 2015

Lair is on RPG Geek, and other updates.

We're on the geek


Lair is now on RPGGeek. The constant efforts of +Raymond Saulnier have finally payed off and it now has a listing. (Thanks Raymond for the mighty rpggeek-fu to get it up there) I still need to go in and populate the listings with more info, pics etc but it's finally there. If any fans of Lair want to head over and post some reviews or ratings then it would be much appreciated.

Sorcery Issue...

cover of the sorcery issue in progress

Mighty legends of Sorcery were written up this week along with the hidden History of the World of Kartharka. Sorry intrepid Heroes, these Legends are for the Demonlord only so can't post any updates on that, but the outlines of the Sorcery issue are getting filled in.

One of the many sample lairs


I also have a few more lairs in the works to post on the site but I've been toying with a mass combat system for Lair for when the fights get a little too big for the Demonboard.

Although if you've played the skirmish game in the combat issue you'll know you can easily have 50 opponents on the board locked in combat without slowing down the game at all. We played the miners gold scenario 4 times in a row and still had time to play other games as well that night.

Blind Burrower Story...

Other updates include finally finishing the Arrowblack game next weekend (Hoping to anyway).
Then that thing can finally head over to layout and find it's way into your filthy paws.

The next story is already written and ready to go as well so hopefully this summer will see the home game back on track and get some more of those campaign reports going.

Lair Synth and Soundtrack...

The final board for the first half of the Lair synth is designed.

The Lair soundtrack is still picking along at a snails pace. Been playing alot ot find the right "sound" for an adventure game soundtrack but it's coming along. There's still plenty of time to get on board though for any of you with a musical bent. Send in your tracks to

Sorry there's nothing more juicy for you to chew on at the moment But enjoy the rest of the site and if you haven't checked them out yet, download one of the free Lairs, each one is chock full of not only adventure but new rules, weapons or other interesting things for your Lair games.


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