Saturday, 29 August 2015

Lair music and cover

Sorcery issue is deep in Layout at the moment with the cover gettting coloured as we speak.

Format changes and layout changes mean I can't use my good old (but not so good) template.

What with all the stuff going in and on this issue I'm shooting for a Halloween release for the Sorcery issue.

Soon behind that will be the issue detailing how to set up lairs with tips on balancing encounters, the lair and story templates, and how to use them.

There may or may not be a sample lair in that one.

Also Haven't posted many new lairs for you all on the Website and I'm sorry for that. Unfortunately that apology does not come with a Lair.

Work officially began with track 1, take one, of the Lair soundtrack.

Roll 20 still has not happened here at the homestead but we are getting part of the gang together for boardgames so Lair might happen tonight, but more likely we'll be playing a lot of short euros and card games.

That's it for today folks, no new fun stuff but if you haven't checked them out yet the lair issue can all be downloaded in pay-what you want pdfs now, just head to the "Buy Lair Online" button on the left of the site.

If you haven't seen any of the free Lairs they can be found by following the link on the right of the site.

Have a great weekend everybody, back to work for me.


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