Sunday, 16 August 2015

Lair of Sword & Sorcery on Roll20

Took a break from all the Wizard and Demon art to finally get Lair set up on Roll20.

Here's a screenshot from Roill20

What you see is the actual scan of my Demonboard and blocks. I just copy and paste them to set up the boards on the fly.

No fog of war and setting up ahead of time for me, I prefer to just wing it.

That black box is the "staging area" next to the demon board where I keep my stash of minis and blocks and just drag them over as necessary.

I really need to get a scan of the dragon to keep there to torment the players, just like real life!

The minis are actual scans of my DFC wizards and demons as well as my Haat historical minis.

I think the game is finally good to go!

And now back to the Art Boards, that Sorcery issue aint gonna fill itself with art!


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