Sunday, 9 August 2015

Pay what you want Combat issue now available!

The pay what you want train continues!
The Combat issue of LOSS is now available on Gumroad!
Just head to the usual buying page here to download the pdf.

I hope the digital editions are good news for our overseas readers (I'm looking at you +Eric Fabiaschi) so that they can finally get a look at what Lair is really all about.

Art for Sorcery issue...

And for the rest of you LOSS fans, the art for the Sorcery issue continues to speed along.

I've been re-reading all of of 3rd edition Warhammer books and remember just how much of the art was rendered pencils with no inks or colours.
When I was a wee lad this was what inspired me to become an artist in the first place. With just a pencil and a piece of paper anyone could be a famous Game artist!

At the time however the world didn't consider drawing a picture of a Wizard a viable career opportunity though...

Nowadays I tend to think of pencils as the thing you do before the real art goes over it but after a few try's I was back in the swing of things and had my rendering moving along again, and man do those things fly!

No I just have to break this pesky habit of trying to hit the save button everytime I put the pencil down!

Please Share, the Demonlord needs more victims...

Enjoy the pdfs everyone and please share this post around to as many people and communties as you can. Lair is still pretty well hidden to everyone else in the gaming world and I'd love to change that.

But Lair isn't just for us long-bearded dice rolling old timers, it's written for people who usually only play boardgames, or only know of sword and sorcery through movies and tv.

All those people who alwasy thought it would be neat to try D&D but never had the time to read all those books, or money to buy all those miniatures and cool dungeons.

All those people who've played Skyrim and wanted to create their own world but don't have the time to spend weeks creating material that get's churned through in an hour by hungry players.

It's an adventure game for people who just want to put an axe in their enemies head and grab the chest of treasure and have everyone be okay with that.

So share LOSS with people who aren't usually gamers. The people in your band, the people at the record store, the people who collect action figures, or comic books. Everyone wants to game, they just don't know how.


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