Friday, 21 August 2015

+Ripleys tuckered out!

Ok Bloodreavers! Getting off the art train, all the actuall "drawing" is done (cept the cover, damn covers...) now into magical computer land for coloring and design and all that fun stuff.

Some of you may have noticed that the zine went digital recently with pdf downloads available on Gumroad.

This meant that some of the interior pics got to be viewed in colour for the first time since the print copies are all in black and white. With this next issue the whole thing will be in full glorious colour for viewing goodness. Also in the pdf will be a black and white version for printing and a low ink version for printing so all your bases should be covered.

The print copy will still be in black and white, cept for the usual colour cover.

There are a few other changes coming in the Sorcery issue but the art is looking tight, layout should be good and if the damned cover doesn't sink it's claws into me like some kind of horrible beast you should be seeing the sorcery issue in a Winterland month.

Winterland time and real life time conversion charts not available at this time.

So rock on everyone, keep your swords pointed to the sky when running or your friends could get hurt.


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