Friday, 18 September 2015

Sorcery Update

The unstoppable juggernaut that is the Sorcery issue barrels ahead of all expectations!
There still so much to do but the actual putting words on paper in pretty ways part of the book is plowing right along.
The soundtrack is falling a little behind but at least something should be in the issue by the time it goes to press.

Blame Skyrim, my poor Argonian aint gonna level up all by itself!  Speaking of Skyrim, damn that Aetherium crap, I go through all that for an item I am almost certainly going to sell at the first opportunity! Great quest line though, don't regret it a bit.

After Sorcery I'm jumping right into the next issue on how to write up lairs and stories. I've got all the actual content and rules etc finished for that, I"m just working on how I'm going to present it and whether or not I'm going to be using the burrower for that one or if I'll be using the newer storyline I have cooked up for the players.

I'm pretty sure burrower is going to be presented as a fairly quickly thrown together seperate pdf of it's own but we'll see how the future shakes out.

This also means that it's last chance for any of you wanting to get any music in for the first LoSS soundtrack going out with the Sorcery issue. If it's kickass it's welcomed. I don't need the full rights or anything but any songs submitted will be built into the Sorcery issue Pdf for all time.

I've also begun to hear rumblings from one of the players about writing up some alternative rules for combat and magic for LoSS. If they ever arrive then you'll see them here on the site or in a future issue.

Speaking of the future of the game, with Sorcery in the bag and the Lair issue of LoSS close behind I'm hoping that the core of the LoSS game will be complete this year.

Who knew Lair, from it's humble beginnings, would find fans across the world. Even if they're now playing LoSS itself I'd like to hope that a little of the spirit of Kartharka is working it's way into their games.

I couldn't have predicted a year ago that people would send me a picture of a Wizard and that it would make me so damn happy! Two years ago I was pretty much completely done with roleplaying, especially fantasy roleplaying. But what I've found is that I wasn't sick of the games. I was tired of the attitude of the genre in general.

This "been there, done that" attitude that was sucking the fun right out of the whole thing. Yes us old fogeys have indeed slain some dragons and gotten some loot. Then we "grew up" to more adult stories and games. And for some reason couldn't understand why we weren't having fun anymore. It's because complex, grown up, responsible gaming isn't always the funnest thing.

Sometimes you want your hero to save the village by sneaking into the castle and putting an axe in the Ogre. No matter how many ogres you slay, no matter how many maidens you save, and no matter how many piles of gold you get, if you're having fun with your friends don't force yourself to grow up in your gaming.

If you're sick of killing dragons, take on that liche, if you're tired of saving maidens, well...let them save themselves for once.

So for all the fans of Lair, just get out there and throw a fireball right in the middle of the room and be damned with the consequences. Just let your friends get out of the way first, don't be a dick about it...

Slay on crazy Blood Reavers!


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