Sunday, 4 October 2015

Demonboard Doors!

Time for some Demonboard upgrades!

I've been promising a tutorial for doors since the first issue and here it finally is. First lets meet our tools for the day.

Today we'll be using our old friend the basic modelling clay in the silver package. Available at the dollar store. Air dries over night, And at only $2 is a pretty good deal.

Here's the other important addition for the the day. I got these plastic skeletons at the Dollar store last year but hadn't found a use for them yet. Today I'll just be wanting their heads!

A quick snip of the scissors and I've got some skeleton heads (or skulls, I guess) separated from their body. I'm also cutting off the little plastic circles from the tops of their heads but I'm keeping them for another purpose.
Next lets do some simple clay doors.
Just squash a blob of clay into a vaguely obelisk shape with a big bottom. Half way done!

I have plans for a particularly spooky lair so some of my doors just have the skulls squashed into the front like some eerie sculpture.  Sometimes I cut off the jaw or top of the head for variety, all of them have the sides cut off to fit better.  These ones are already done, leave them to dry. These could be used as doors, weird statues, lined up to make a wall, or as a pillars or strange altars.
For more standard doors you can just use a pointy stick to make some lines. As you can see, sometimes I just make some lines and be done with it, sometimes I'll draw a square to serve as a frame. Remember the little circles from the tops of the skulls?  Here they make some great door handles.
But since you're really just modelling some clay you can go pretty nuts, below are some more pictures to inspire you for your own doors.
Nothing really fancy here but the skulls really dress them up quickly. Halloween is a really great time to stock up on cheap plastic crap to stick to things so get them now before they're gone.

Cardstock Doors

And it wouldn't be LoSS if I didn't have a cardstock option to keep things even cheaper and lighter.
Here I've glued some green construction paper to my thicker bristol board. Just didn't have any green on hand right now. Then draw a grid of 1" squares 

Those of you that have made a demonboard should recognize this part. If you haven't made one yet head to The Loss Store and buy or download issue 1: Demonboard.

Next cut them out like the sample above, that's one half square, 2 full squares and another half square on the end. And what comes next?

You guessed it, another stamper. This one is 1" by 1" and has a little door and some stone work. Just make one yourself following the pattern above.

If you haven't learned how to make a stamper yet then head on over to The LoSS Store and pick up the Demonboard issue. I'd feel guiltier about pushing the book but it's a pay what you want download.

And Bam! Stamp each side of the door like so. They don't look super photo realistic or anything but they look a heck of alot better than blank card. These ones kind of remind me of boardgame art from the 70's with the really cheap black ink on the coloured card chits.

Next fold em all up like above. You can tape the bottom or glue them closed. A paperclip is helpful for keeping them closed till they dry.

Hope this inspires all you Demonboard owners out there to freshen things up a bit. It doesn't take long, I did all of these while watching House of 7 Corpses. So that's not a huge investment of time.

So rock on and add a few little touches to your own Demonboards, Make a cool door or centrepiece to really make that next lair of the Necromancer stand out.


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