Thursday, 22 October 2015

"Wooden Blocks" and super multilevel encounters on the Demonbaord

And what fresh wonders do I have for you all? Witness below, the power of "Wooden Blocks".
Only $3 at dollar stores when you can find them. You can usually find more expensive sets fairly easily but these ones are perfectly suited to Lair.
Just look at the front of that box. Just imagine some weird monsters all over that thing and it's already some forgotten ancient city.

I've shown you the jenga blocks before but these are something much much bettter

Here's what you get inside, see those ones in the middle that seem to be just made for ramps and arches. They are fantastic. What you see above is my own set. 

They look great when painted. Just paint them all black to start, then stamp them with the usual demonbaord stamper so that they'll blend in with the rest of the board, and so that you'll have a grid to use for moving your heroes and villains.

You can paint your jenga blocks in exactly the same way.

Above you'll see one way to use them as ramps

Here's another one with a taller passageway.

Now combine them with your usual demonbaord elements (click to see larger view). Just look at all the ramps platforms, pillars and towers.All of a sudden the demonboard has completely come to life. with ramps passageways, pillars platforms, everything you can dream of.

Here you can see the minis stand on the ramps quite well without falling over, and an ambush sneaking in from under the platform.

Here you can see a miniatures eye view of the various levels of combat possible with wooden blocks.

This group seems to be unreachable from the top of their pillar, until you notice the archers.

Here's a birds eye view to show how well everything blends together once you paint the blocks.

That's it for now, I hope these pics inspire you to make your own Demonboard. Whether for use in your own games of LoSS, or to use in any game which would be improved with a 3d dungeon.


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