Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Issue 5 writing complete!

Issue 5: Lairs!

Writing is done and this issue is going into Layout! 
This one should be out soon.

The bulk of the issue is the "Temple of the Blind Burrower" Story and he blank templates for creating your own Stories and Scenarios so not alot of art is required for this one.

Also included are a few short essays on how to use the templates, building on the guidelines for Scenario creation from the Combat issue.

Also included will be the Demonlord Screen (Finally!)
I've been needing one of these for awhile myself. It should really help those of you who have had to learn the game from reading the issues as the information is finally all in one place.

It's a pretty exciting time for LoSS as this will complete the "Core" rules for the game and I can finally dig in to adding alot more background for the World of Kartharka.

And what's on the horizon?

I have another larger story, codename "pots and lizars" till another title presents itself all ready to go to layout,
I will also be finishing the Brytax area soon.

After that it's up to my players where I work on next.
You'll see alot of scans of scenarios as my Players work through them, I'll leave it up to them where to head next, whether it be travelling in the Winterlands or heading off to the Autumnlans.

I'm also tossing some rules around for epic size battles as I somehow foresee needing some soon. 

So long story short, not dead just crazy busy and the next issue is well ahead of schedule.

Rock on Blood Reavers!

~Ripley Stonebrook

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