Saturday, 26 March 2016

LoSS Weekend Update, Injection Molder update, Finally progress!

Hail my Blood Reavers!
I admit I've been a little scarce for the past couple of months.

All of my projects seemed to hit brick walls simultaneously, that's the price you pay for always pushing the envelope and trying new things I guess.

Apart from all the fun Lair projects going on I also have many many real life jobs, some pay the bills and some are just commitments that I'm required to keep. All of them conspired to get very complicated very quickly which also ate up any of the usual free time I use for LoSS.

But all of the insane obstacles are falling away now,

Back on the Loss Train and feeling fine.

Here's your weekend update on the many projects on the go...

Lair Issue 6: Sorceress of Zhaan

Writing is about half done for the Sorceress issue. There's a large 3d dungeon build for this one as well that got stuck in the mud as I just didn't have a space to do builds anymore. Well the new studio is built and while it's technically smaller than the last one it's space is used much better so I've got room to build again.
The writing is held up only due to time, time, need more time.
This issue is going to be the first print product done out of house using Drive Thru Rpg and Lulu.
The other 5 issues are still printed and shipped from the Spooky Room Office for now...

Lair of Sword & Sorcery Redux

The core book of Lair has come back from the editor with the green flag for writing. Lot's or writing rewriting and more writing for this one. 
The pdfs of the first 5 "core" issues of LoSS containing the Core rules are still available as a compilation at Drive Thru RPG, and from Gumroad as seperate issues.

East Coast Comic Expo

Tables are booked, tickets bought, and rides arranged for East Coast Comic Expo. I'll be there with books on sale, package deals and hopefully some fun giveaways for the game.

Injection Molder

No more messing about and experimenting! I have access to a full machine shop (The machines are all small but they are all present). After 3 years of noodling I'm building the MarkIV and this build should be the final. 

The lathe and the Drill press are all working fine and final parts are beginning to stack up on the desk. Machining steel to a tolerance of .0001 inches has been a challenge but the internet has provided more than enough info and the parts are fitting together perfectly. I still have weeks to go on this project but it's looking like this final one is a go!


There's still plenty more I'm working on but it's swirling around the proverbial "for later" pile. Time, time, time.

So nothing new to show you today, sorry about that guys but at least we're back in business and the usual train of products should start chugging along soon.


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