Sunday, 15 May 2016

5 Lair Ideas

Five Ideas for Lairs in Lair of Sword & Sorcery

I see a lot of you have been downloading the LoSS game on DriveThru RPG. Thanks for checking it out!
By this point I"m sure some of you will be getting to the point of writing your own lairs for the game.
(their are a few free ones to be found here if you haven't seen them yet, on the right hand side under "free lairs to download").

Since the LoSS game is still quite new, with not a lot of published Lairs, it can be hard to get started making your own Karharkan flavored Lairs.

So here's a list of 10 Lairs which would be suitably Kartharkan for your games.

1: Tomb of the Sorcerer

While on the road, heading from one place to another, the heroes have made camp. Another group of travelers on the road stop to share their fire.

Sharing food and stories with the heroes they tell them about the local legends, one of them being that the nearby forest is haunted by the undead servants of a long past sorcerer.

Legend says they protect his tomb, containing his body, his treasures, as well as his collection of evil knowledge and writings.

2: Guard duty

The heroes are in town or travelling on the road when they are approached by a caravan headed North.

The caravan is loaded with a valuable cargo of spices from the south and the merchants wish to have some extra protection.
It is not until the heroes are several days into their journey that they begin to notice other guards beginning to disappear. First one, then another.

One mysterious fate is befalling the guards, and is the mysterious merchant in his mysteriously closed wagon hiding something from them?

3: Ripe for the Picking

The heroes are relaxing in a local way house late one night. One of the other people in the tavern lets it slip that he has stolen a valuable but strange statue from one of the Targ and has hidden it on the grounds of the local Wolf Brother temple.
He knows he is being followed and is having a hard time recovering it without being seen and so suggests that the heroes should get it.
He says he will contact them later when the heat has died down.
But what secrets does the statue hold, what strange gods was this Targ worshiping.
Or perhaps the statues original owners are very keen to get it back.

4: Valley of the Sun

While travelling to the mining strongholds of the Scarp the heroes are caught in a storm. The blizzard blocks out all vision and the blowing winds collapse their shelter. They must find shelter quickly or die in the blizzard.

Stumbling blindly they find a cave to shelter in.

But their troubles have just begun as the blizzard causes a landslide of rock to fall in front of the entrance of the cave.

The heroes are forced to press on deeper into the cave.
Deep within the mountain they find an entrance to a mysterious Valley in the mountains. A place as warm as the tropical summerlands.

A jungle lies within in this valley, which the Heroes must penetrate if they wish to find civilization again.

The jungle however swarms with giant prehistoric lizards, and a strange race of men and women who ride them.

The valley is filled with ruins all leading to the great temple of sun, beneath which is an underground river, whose rocky turbulent course will throw the heroes back into the Winterlands, never to return.

5: An evil tide

A small town in the Winterlands is threatened.
The heroes have been hired along with another group of men to help defend a town from increasing bandit raids.

The heroes don't know that the next attack will be by something far worse.

A  great mass of twisted monsters waits until night fall to attack the villagers, First in ones and twos, soon in groups of three and four. Then great waves of hideous chirping things descend upon the village leaving the heroes to either attempt to escape with their lives or try to evacuate the village in time to save them from the chittering horde.

I hope this inspires you Demonlords out there to get started on your own Lairs today!


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