Saturday, 14 May 2016

LoSS RPG launching Line of Fantasy Miniatures!

You read that right folks! You know what that means...the injection molder is complete.

Behold...Mighty Caesar!

Click pic for a closer look!

As you can see the assembly is complete and this baby is ready to start cranking out the LoSS line of miniatures. Now you will be able to get minis of all the Kartharkan monsters, as well as heroes armed and armoured in Kartharkan style.

Also coming are custom bases, terrain and all manner of extras for the miniature lover.

Want to see more?

Four cartridge heaters and an extra large block means that once this baby is up and hot, there will be less waiting for plastic to heat up between batches

And what's this? The control panel for Mighty Caesar! With digital temperature control and timers, keeping the Caesar at the perfect temperature is a breeze!

A new miniature company for the future!

There's still alot of work to be done before the frist molds are up and producing. Be sure to follow me on Google+ to hear about them as soon as they are announced.

I salute all of my future miniature Blood Reavers!

~Ripley Stonebrook

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