Thursday, 4 August 2016

She's almost here!

Issue 6 is almost here.
Print Proofs checked and corrected!
Soundtrack done!
Videos done!
Just have to wrap everything up in a sweet pdf and we're good to go!

And what's inside you ask?

A whack of articles!

The Limrust Family: Their History finally revealed for Demonlords to use in their own adventures.

Crimes and the Law: Guidelines for the laws of the winterlands as well as infamy amounts for various crimes.

Sheriffs: Everything you ever wanted to know about the sheriffs of the winterlands, and how your heros can become sheriffs themselves.

The Targ and Politics: Understand the roles of the targ in the winterlands.

Potioncrafting: Full rules for alchemy and potioncrafting for Demonlords and Heroes. Make firebombs, gas bombs, poisons, and oils!

Sneaks and Thieves: Need your heroes to do something sneaky? Well now they can! Stealing, assasinating, moving unseed, all are now available to the heroes of Lair of Sword and Sorcery.

The Sorceress of Zhaan adventure:

A wild adventure allowing the heroes to either use stealth or attack head on. Read on from the adventure itself...

There is word on the wind.
There is a sorceress in Kartharka. She can work miracles, heal the sick, foresee the future, or strike down your enemies. She can do anything, for a price.
Coming from far Zhaan in the Autumnlands, her history is unknown before coming to the Winterlands.
Surrounded by her band of fiercely loyal followers she is travelling the Winterlands, working her magic, moving ever closer to the heart of the Winterlands, Stroh Branoch.
In public, the story is always the same, the Sorceress is a hero of the people. She works her magic for all, the poor, the sick, or those who cannot convince the Targ or the Sheriffs to help them with their problems.
She is especially loved by those who feel the Targ is a corrupt organization, paid by the Empire to keep the Winterlands under their heel.
But there are other stories as well. Whispered in secret.
Whole families, killed in the night, hot springs drying up, Takket herds sickening and dying. Targs struck down in their beds by mysterious forces.
Stories that mean even the Targ dare not stand against her.
All the stories end the same. The Sorceress is allowed to leave, to move on to the next town to work her magics.
Will our heroes find out the truth? Will they join the Sorceress and help her to fight the Empire, or will they fight an evil sorceress bent on control of the Winterlands?
Let the adventure begin!

Soundtrack and Videos

The first LoSS soundtrack is here! The pdf of issue 6 includes a full soundtrack of 9 songs for your enjoyment and a video tour of the Great Refinery set piece!

Just uploading and editing everything together now so the next updates you see should be announcing that everything is available!

Prepare to wreck vengeance on your enemies my Blood Reavers!


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