Saturday, 15 April 2017

Calling for Reviews for Bottled Wonders

Calling for Reviews for Bottled Wonders

If you hadn't heard yet, I've finally dipped my toe in the OSR waters. I'm prepping up a home game now and along with getting that up and going I'll be releasing some OSR books to use with it.

The first is "Bottled Wonders of the Decanter", a collection of magic items created from various pickled things.

It can be found at Drive Thru RPG here.

I would love a few reviews for Bottled Wonders though so if anyone is interested in writing one send your email to and I'll sort you out with a free copy to review.

And don't worry all, LoSS isn't dead. Lot's more material still to come for that game but I've got the hankering to do some OSR for a while so the heavy lifting for the main background book will wait for a bit. I plan on having a new issue of LoSS coming out in the fall. A long wait I know but since I don't have a home game going for that at the moment that's the way it goes.


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