Friday, 14 November 2014

Issue 1 back from the printers

Thanks everyone for visiting, glad to see some interest in the game.
I'll be posting more of the background during the weekend along with some colour photos from the issue.  

The interior printing is black and white but some of the photos deserve to get seen in colour so I'll be posting a few of them here.

Within the next week I hope to have copies in at least one store.

For everyone on the Web I am looking into a way to order copies.
I'm not interested in the usual print on demand or pdf download system, I want people to buy copies off the racks covered in fingerprints with bent covers. The game is printed in comic size format so it can sit comfortably on any retailers shelves that carry comics.

So if you're friends with a retailer have them contact me and I'll be glad to supply them through mail order. Pricing etc should be set within the week.

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