Sunday, 7 December 2014

Demon Board Upgrade! (continued)

I promised an update on the clay blocks...

The dollar store clay worked out great.
It's called "Natural Modeling Clay"
Features are "dries naturally".

I honestly thought there would be some difference between these and the salt dough blocks but other than having to let the clay dry out a bit before working it the experience was the same.

If the clay is too wet it will deform when you pull it out of the mold, but just leave it out to dry for a bit, reworking it occasionally, and it's just fine.

You seem to get about 15 blocks out of a package so about 2 packages would be equivalent to a batch of salt dough. At $1.25 per package they are a great deal.

So if you're just getting started and don't know if you will bother playing the game for long, use the salt dough blocks or just card walls.

If you've stuck with your salt dough blocks for over a year and find that they are getting too soggy or misshapen from storage than go ahead and upgrade.

I decided to hold off painting until after the holidays (just too much going on, running a business, wife and kinds plus 4 birthdays all in one months is a little much) But I should find a bit of time to have everything up and ready for the new game, and if not I'll just use the card walls, I've got plenty.

Also busy finishing off issue 2.
The combat rules are all written up in a real format as opposed to my usual bullet points in my notebook.

Now moving on to the included skirmish game to help teach the combat system.

I am also possibly going to include the first Scenario in the issue (or Lair as I call them) It all depends on how much room I have left after my usual rambling.


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