Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Demonboard upgrade!

I am currently upgrading my Demonboard. My Salt dough blocks have served me well for a couple of years now but I'm now getting around to making a new set out of modelling clay. I found a good source for natural clay at my local dollar store  and was able to get enough to complete a set for 5 dollars. I'll post more pics after the weekend of the upgraded blocks as well as some tips for working with natural clay.
This is all to prepare for my group of heroes starting their new game.
I'm excited to start the group off in the new time period of Kartharka, The previous game took place 40 years before the current time period in the tumultuous time of troubles. A band of heroes struck off to make their fortunes but ended up changing the face of the Winterlands forever.It was a heady year for the Winterlands with rumors of strange beasts being dragged back from the wilds, the gods returning to the mountains and sorcery flowing through the town of Stroh-branock like water.
But after their brief time in the sun they ventured forth on their greatest challenge of all...never to return.
Look to future issues of Lair to follow their mighty exploits!
Before I upgrade my board here's a few more pics of what it looks like now.
All of the details how to make a demon board in a single day (or weekend if you like it fancy!) are in issue 1 of lair "The Demonboard Issue"

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