Saturday, 6 December 2014

Distribution, retailers, reprints, and the internet

What a month!
Hail all followers of the Lair of Sword and Sorcery Roleplaying game!
Lets get down to the Nitty Gritty, and have one of our uncomfortable conversations.
You may have read in previous posts or in the magazine my feelings about "the whole online thing".
I want everyone to buy their copies in a store, to help out their local economy, and to join their local community of gamers.
But I've found something out in the last month, people want to buy stuff online!
They have a community online and they are quite happy with that.
Well in my spirit of embracing all our brothers of Sword and Sorcery I'm going to start selling online, but in a way that I feel comfortable with.

So, for now, until I get everything set up you can continue to follow the link on the menu of "Where to buy" to find your local retailer to buy your copy.

In the future we will be adding a few more links, one for retailers to send them to the new retailer site (under construction waiting on approvals from the online economic powers that be).

Soon after will be a link for "buy online"

Printing schedule:

Here is how the printing schedule will happen.

Retailers will be able to order an issue as soon as it's released, 1 month later that issue will appear online.

As soon as a new issue is released all previous issues will be considered "reprints" and will still be available to retailers with a black and white cover.

All issues online will only sport the black and white cover and will be considered "reprints"

All retailers in my local area will sport a cover price of $4 (they get a bit of a deal as they don't have to pay for shipping)

Other retailers will have a cover price of $5 (shipping costs, blame society)

The online issues will sport a cover price of $6 (plus shipping and handling)

So if you want the snazzy colour covers and the lower cover price then please buy at your local brick and mortar store.
If you don't mind the black and white cover and like the convenience of buying online then we got you covered too.

I love local stores, without local stores I would never have met all of the great people I have over the years, would never have found out about all the great games and comics I have squandered my youth with, and probably would never have even gotten into this whole "gaming" thing.
If anyone is wondering why the gaming and comic book industry is shrinking every year then wonder no more, It's because people are not supporting their local stores, those people who wave the banner of our hobby, help all of those who are just finding out about this great hobby, are passing all their knowledge down to the next generation of sword swinging little ones.
I'm an old geezer now, with a wife, kid and house, so you won't see me hanging around at my local store too much (I'm either fixing something, running errands, or just spending time with the family) but when I do see something that I want, or need to stock up on a couple of pots of paint or a few more skeletons for my undead army, I stop by my local store.
And you should too.


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