Saturday, 24 January 2015

Lair of Sword and Sorcery is back online!

The Lair Hub is updating again!

Thanks everyone for your patience while the site went dark for another week.
I have returned from my travels to strange and foreign lands and will be updating again soon.
After planes, buses, subways, and even a car accident, the savage world of Kartharka seems a friendly and comfortable place to return to.

A harrowing but fruitful trip I also return with news.
Lair of Sword and Sorcery is going to be available online as well as Brick and Mortar establishments.
I have to admit that the hopes for selling only through retail were more of a feeling of Nostalgia for how I joined the gaming world but I bow to the pressures of today's market.

There will still be a lot of perks for the retailers as well as a lower cover price (not to mention shipping costs) but I feel it is time to open up to the global online gaming world.

Some of you may have noticed the Combat issue arrived to small fanfare as the issue was off the presses mere days before my leaving. Unfortunately my work schedule as well as access to technology and the internet was severely in the way of making a big fuss about this issue.

But fear not!
For those of you who still have not had the pleasure of holding an issue in your hands, some of the content will be trickling onto the site over the next couple of weeks.

You should see:
  • A basic "overview of the game" item on the menu
  • Additions to the background setting of Kartharka
  • A new "how to contribute" menu item on the new contribution and "what you can do" guidelines. (I am loosening up on the restriction, call it mellowing in my old age)
  • The updated Hero Record sheet (slight changes after publishing Combat issue, play testing works!)
And what's happening behind the scenes?
I was hoping to get the main chunk of the Veteran rules written up this week but workload was much more intense than anticipated.

I was hoping to have at least a page of guidelines to "get you by" until the Veteran issue but it looks like it will be a bit of time before that is all collated into something people can make sense of so you should see a temporary Menu item pop up sometime in the next week on What the Veteran system is and how the Heroes can earn veteran points (you will have to get the issue to find out how to spend them)
Hopefully this will allow you to jump right into your games before the Veteran issue is out.
If the Veteran issue is held up for a good deal of time then a selection of ways to spend them will be added to that menu item.

I will also be adding one more menu item on the "publishing spirit" of Lair of Sword and Sorcery.
It will have a little bit of the actual practice of putting together an issue, what the issues hope to accomplish and how they wish to accomplish it.

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  1. A quick update after a week of silence.
    Comments on where you would like to purchase Lair online or offline would be appreciated. Let me know and I'll see if I can make it happen.