Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A question for you folks...

Hacking away at the Veteran issue now, working with my newly set up templates (gee whiz they save a lot of time folks). I'm also doing all the writing in word now as Scribus doesn't seem to have a spell checker.  This means that I actually have to track my word counts for each article.
"But wait" I thought, what about when I add a picture, how many words of space does that take up?
I got it all figured out roughly but I wanted to check with you folks on something.
When I started the zine I made a mental rule on myself that every page had to have at least one picture, or at least a table, something to break up the long blocks of wordy text and rules.
It has done a lot for the look of the zine, whether for better or worse as the art goes in when the book is ready whether it's finished or not.
But let me ask you something do you feel the same way as me about art, or are there those out there who would rather have a just straight text document.
Never thought about it myself but thought I'd check in with the great mass of fans and see.