Sunday, 8 February 2015

Super Cheap MInis perfect for Lair

I just found a great deal on little plastic men that would be perfect for games of Lair.
At they are having a great sale on Wargames Factory boxed sets. The Vikings and Celts being particularly great they also have a wide range of other figures, including orcs and skeletons. I am debating at the moment whether or not to get some more skeletons for more Warhammer army, especially since miniature market also still has Arcane Legions box sets for insanely low prices, I would check those out as well.
Follow this link to the Wargames factory ones wargames factory minis at Miniature Market.

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  1. On a completely unrelated note should gamemasters except bribes (like additions to the groups miniatures) in exchange for character perks. Just saying that its up for debate...