Thursday, 26 February 2015

The example Scenario, traps, and Sota Changes

Traps in Lair of Sword and Sorcery!

The official Lair of Sword and Sorcery campaign began fairly well.
We began with the example scenario from the Combat issue with the heroes helping a band of Miners defeat some roadside bandits.

They entered and began combat with me going incredibly easy on them. I attempted to focus on getting the sacks of gold out of the room while sparing the heroes and miners. 
The players quickly surrounded the sacks with miners and heroes and began throwing the miners at the bandits with reckless abandon (morale rules are coming with the veteran issue).
They were able to effectively surround the sacks and kill all of the bandits.

They were partially able to accomplish this by quickly running ropes tied to spikes across one of the entrances entrances to the room.
This was deemed a difficult SOTA roll to set up which they were successful at.
I then ruled the at the bandits would need to make a successful difficult SOTA roll to cross it, otherwise they would become tangled and fall, taking damage.

Technically this shouldn't be allowed because the Demonlord's minions may do SOTA.
But we saw almost immediately that this would mean that the heroes would be able to set up all sorts of traps like this effectively stopping all their enemies.

New SOTA rule: Demonlord minions may make a Sota roll to undo the effects of a Heroes SOTA roll.

So my poor minions still can't come up with crafty plans to outwit the players but they may undo the work of the heroes. 

In the next scenario they set up their ropes again but this time my Minions decided to "undo" the SOTA by cutting the ropes. I will point out they still had to make a SOTA roll to do so and it unfortunately took 4 of them 2 turns to do so.

These rules will be added to the Veteran issue as well but I thought that those of you already playing with the Combat issue should be aware of the change.

I'm sure we'll come up with a few more changes as we go along, until then, destroy your enememies with the wrath of the hurricane!


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