Saturday, 7 March 2015

All players alive... so far

The portal of the Blind Burrower

Quick post, more in depth hopefully later...
The heroes have delved the depths of the Arrowblack cursewood.
They have fought many evil creatures, some innocents were not able to be saved, a war was averted (damn them) a bad boss was defeated and they stand before the yawning portal to the lair of the Blind Burrower.
Lot's of new players this week so they got thrown right in learning combat on the fly. The rope traps were stymied but the heroes are now throwing a lot of lit torches in the middle of a forest.
An attempt to set the forest on fire burning it to the ground was thwarted by bad rolls on the players part (thank god, I didn't want to have to generate rules for a forest fire on the fly).
One hero lies unconcioius in the cavers of the blind burrower, hoping that his friends live to retrieve his body.
Plus someone is playing a priest, so yeah, I'll have to come up with something for that, I haven't decided yet if the priesthood available to the players will have spooky powers or not. Considering he is still an acolyte I wont' need to decide yet.

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