Thursday, 5 March 2015

Campaign continues...

It's almost friday!
The official Lair of sword and Sorcery Campaign continues tomorrow.
The hapless heroes will be tackling the first Story written for Sword and Sorcery, "Temple of the Blind Burrower".
It will be available for free, either here at the site or elsewhere once we've played it through and I've had time to polish it.
Another true test of the games rules as the party has tripled in size since last week.
Luckily the Lair of Sword and Sorcery Veteran system has a built in ranking system to calculate party strength which is used for balancing encounters. 
So can my written scenario take on triple the amount of heroes? Yep, I can calculate the number appearing in the encounter on the fly, including the bosses etc.
Love it.
I'm more worried about how many chairs I have...
Play reports should be up on the weekend (even though I owe you a few from last time still).

Writing continues, the Veteran issue, Sorcery issue, and the Temple issue are all being written concurrently (Sorcery slides across all 3 so there you go)

I off to conquer!


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