Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Another quick Update

Just a quick shout to let you know that indeed, noone is dead here at Lair.
Veteran issue, Sorceror issue still underway. The blind Burrower is wrapping up this weekend so that will be appearing soonish (prepare for pictures of fearsome toys). Mostly it's been all art for the last week as well as hacking out the beginning of the next story.  I just need enough to introduce them to the new town, get the story started and let them have a little downtime

There may be some trouble with the Targ a comin if they aren't too careful, and the sages will definately have a lot to say about what's coming next.

The game tends to Alternate between Roleplaying heavy nights and action heavy nights once the adventure begins, but this one is a bit more "mysterious" and so they may have a little bit of leeway before everything ramps up.

Signing out from the Real World Winterlands...


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