Saturday, 14 March 2015

Throwing weapons and bows

Bows and throwing weapons.

In Kartharka bows and throwing weapons are no mere "backup" weapon, doing minimal damage, being used only by people in the back of the party.

Throwing weapons aren't just the holdout weapon when all else has failed.

In Kartharka bows are just as powerful as any hand to hand weapon, not the fall back for the low level character whose hit points are still too low to mix it up in "real" combat.

In the world of Kartharka the bow, spear, and throwing axe are powerful weapons.
Doing the same damage as their hand to hand counterparts along with many other benefits.

In Lair of Sword & Sorcery you may "shoot through" a square with a friendly in it.
A group of 4 hereos facing a group of 10 men with bows is going to be cut down before they even make it to hand to hand combat.

An arrow to the neck will indeed kill you.

In Lair of Sword and Sorcery there are no "hit points".
Instead a hero has "Endurance". During combat a hero loses endurance as they fight. This represents the hero getting tired, their enemy learning their fighting style, small nicks, cuts, and bruises.
Even if a hero "wins" a combat in Lair, they still lose endurance. No hero can fight forever without getting tired.

However there is no loss of endurance when firing a bow or throwing a dagger.
A hero can fire arrows all day without tiring.
This means that most heroes will also carry a missile weapon of some sort to get a few attacks in before the press of hand to hand combat begins, to take out as many of their enemies as possible so that they are not overwhelmed in a press of enemies.

There are also no "Weapon Proficiencies" in Lair of Sword & Sorcery. Any hero can use any weapon. They may use the Veteran rules to increase their abilities with weapons but there are no "classes" to limit which person can use which weapon.

So yes, Bows good, everyone grab a bow and use it..


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