Friday, 13 March 2015

Call for Art!

It's official, its time for anyone who wants to get any art into Into issue 3, "The Veteran Issue", to get into gear!
I'm putting the deadline at two weeks So get your art in before March 27. 
Any sword and sorcery art would be greatly appreciated. It does not necessarily have to be specific to the Lair of Sword and Sorcery Roleplaying game.
Just send your scans, files, or what have you into They'll most likely be printed in Black and white so no colour required but if they are in colour that's fine too.
Sketches are also fine to submit, crude doodles from notesbooks also okay as well.
As long as your Kartharka spirit is flying then it will shine through!
I am way behind myself on the art front what with getting the campaign up and running so I'm off to the sketchbooks too!
Have a great weekend everyone, I'll try to post all the stuff I've been promising over the next couple of days.

Stay wild and crazy, take care of your takkets and oil your blades cuz comin' soon is the Veteran issue!


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