Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Veteran Points (To get you by)

The following is straight out of the issue 3, The Veteran Issue.
Since the issue won't be out for a little while yet (it's coming, it's coming), I thought I would put up at this guideline for earning Veteran points.
That way your players can start earning now.
They won't be able to "spend" them till the issue comes out but at least they won't be "wastingtime".
Enjoy everyone.

The Lair Veteran System


What are Veteran Points and How do I get my filthy Paws on them?

The Lair of Sword and Sorcery  Veteran system is what the players use to increase their heroes  abilities.
Whether it become better fighters, more powerful sorcerers, or more influential politicians.
The players receive Veteran points for accomplishing difficult tasks or at least surviving dangerous ones.

You can receive points for surviving battles, defeating enemies, succeeding at a scenario, or accomplishing other difficult tasks.

They should also receive Veteran points for doing amazing things that make the game more fun, whether it be their hero attempting and amazing maneuver in the middle of a combat, coming up with an amazing plan, or even dressing up like their heroes.

The Specific Rules

A player gains 1 VP immediately after any of the following things occur
Survive an encounter with a group of Enemies of Equal or Greater Rank (calculating the Rank of a group is covered later)
Survive making a death roll (this is on top of “survive and encounter with a group…)
Beat a scenario (complete the scenario objectives)
Succeed at an impossible task (an impossible SOTA roll) which would have caused harm to the hero if it failed
The player has an impressive Roleplaying moment which impresses the rest of the group
Dressing up as your Hero earns you 1 VP. (Leave the sharp things at home kids)]
And that’s it. The DemonLord is free to also award VP for anything which they deem worthy or it.
What you don’t get VP for is for looking for trouble. If you decide to take on the city guard who obviously outpower you, and they arrest you but don’t kill you then you don’t get a VP for “Surviving and encounter with a group of enemies of greater rank”

If you knew for a fact that the guards would kill you and you still chose to attack that may be a different story but a good rule of thumb is if you have nothing to gain by attacking then you don’t get a VP. It is up to the DemonLord to make the call when the heroes go looking for trouble.

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