Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Veteran issue heading to Layout!

Last call for anyone hoping to get any material into the Veteran issue!
Art is finished and all the articles are edited.
Tonight I start the might task of Layout, witness my copy/paste prowess!

I've got a few pictures to take on the weekend of the upgraded Demonboard and some great new toys to show off.

I got some great new minis from the Michigan Toy Soldier Company. Historical minis have been on my radar for some time now but I never realized just how cheap they are till I sat down and decided to drop 20 bucks on some. What with online sales I got 180 minis for 25 dollars. Even with extra shipping that's fantastic.

I wish a store around here carried these lines, I could buy a box a week.

The other great thing about Sword and Sorcery gaming is that all the Historical minis fit in perfectly. grab a few bags of animal toys from the dollar store and you can game to your hearts content for pennies.

I even picked up a box of "Gallic Command" minis that came with druid type looking guys. So now I have some great Sorceror minis in scale with the rest of my guys.

It's also nicely nostalgic to be playing with real 25mm scale minis again. You can fit 3 of these guys in a 1 inch square! I may tinker with the combat rules to take this into account in my own games. Chokepoints be dammed my guys are comin at cha!


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