Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Veteran Issue of Lair in stores Now!

Veteran issue is finally here.

  • This is the big one, had to add 4 pages for all the content. The Lair Veteran system, the Fame and Favour system, the Follower rules and a little taste of Sorcery.
  • As well as new weapons, armour, and combat rule.
  • A host of enemies to attack the poor heroes.
  • Guidelines on running a full Lair.
  • And more, so much more.
  • An expanded background of the whole Winterlands area with update maps of all the new and mysterious locations.

With this issue the Lair of Sword and Sorcery is now a full game. For those of you who have been waiting to see if we got this far, we certainly did!

The issues are available now at Heroes beacon and within a few days will be available here on the site.

I won't be jumping right into the Sorcery Issue just yet. That's another whole monster, and a double issue at that, one for players, one for Demonlords.

Next up on the publishing schedule is going to be some other stuff though.

First will be "Temple of the Blind Burrower". The first Lair campaign (Story in Lair parlance).
That one will be available for free download as well as in print.

After that will likely be the "Book of 50 Lairs". Which will also be a download, possibly a print edition as well, I haven't decided on it's final format yet. This will essentially be a book full of maps, ready to be populated with suggestions on the use of each one.

My own campaign will hopefully be chugging along happily by then and will probably throw up the next couple of projects as we start attacking the Sorcery rules and put them through the playtest meat grinder.

Also on my Radar is a Lair album of "music inspired by lair". It's an idea that's been floating around since before publishing the game and I think it's time to start locking that down. It will be a free download available somewhere so if anyone has been inspired by Lair and has some music that maybe doesn't fit in just anywhere else, then send it along.

So I'm off to enjoy regular life for a little while and actually get to visit some other peoples sites and read other peoples stuff.

I'll send out another post when the New buy links are up for Issue 3!


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