Thursday, 14 May 2015

Back to regular game!

The regular game is finally back on! Starting Friday we will be playing every other Friday.

This is the first official game starting up using the Veteran rules and thought they did make it through playtesting okay it should be pretty interesting using all the new rules in the game.

It's also going to be the first playtest of the new adventure format, I'm going in with just my prewritten sheets and no prep, won't have time. We'll find out just how good those templates really are. The idea is you can whip together a lair in a half an hour. Put it in the box and pull it out a couple months later and have at it on a spur of the moment. Let's see if it works!

If all goes well you'll be seeing adventures instead of rules for the next little while but since those will be free downloads I don't think anyone will mind.

If all goes well I'll be writing up the templates etc for OSR as well for those that want to use them along with some accompanying text for those who aren't keeping up with the issues.

Wish Me luck! If the action stops for a second they tend to drift easily, could be the loose rules about drinking but hey if you run a game on a Friday you've got to expect a bit of cutting loose.


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