Saturday, 9 May 2015

New Story Ready to Go! (spoilers don't read if you're a player)

I've got this story Ready to go. It's title for the Heroes sake is Pots!, so as not to give too much away.
That means I finally get to finish off the burrower story as this one's all ready to go. This one is much bigger with some of that fancy "role-playing" stuff we've all heard so much about.
It's got a main story chain and a background story chain just in case they're not interested, plus enough Waytown background so the players can have a bit of fun if they don't bite on the hook.
Here you get the first view of the templates I'm using to create all the new scenarios, some of them only take 10 minutes to set up. an encounter takes no time at all to set up in Lair.

For all of you following along you'll know that this means that the Blind Burrower issue must be following close behind.

It'll be set up (most likely) in a more standard format to other role playing game with Pots! being the first published lair using these new templates.

Exciting times for fans of Lair.

There is a lot of evil sorcery craziness in Pots! ans will lead the way for a sorcery system for the game. We also have a budding sorcerer in the group who will pave the way for all of you. Wish them luck!


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