Saturday, 2 May 2015

Lair Templates work!

Yes indeed, the new templates work great (see yesterday's post).
I ended up watching The Devil Rides Out and was able to set up the campaign flowchart and four lairs with contents, enemies, maps and all.
Yes indeed you can throw together a lair in 20 minutes, and still have it be pretty cool, half an hour for awesome.

Since I find the Heroes can rip up a Lair in an hour, 2 hours if they "roleplay". then this isn't too bad at all.

This means that instead of spending a whack of time with bookeeping, balancing encounters, and all that other junk I can spend my time coming up with cool crap for the "special features".

So yeah, we are cooking.

As for the "Sorcery" side of Lair of Sword and Sorcery I've been thinking alot on the past post on the subject on the mystery of Sorcery.

I think I may just leave that in the realm of the Demonlord and not have a plyaers issue for that subject, or I may just post a list of guidelines for Sorcery on the site. I will wait to see how I integrate it in my own game in the next couple of sessions to decide.

We'll see how the players react and act accordingly.

So yeah Lair is alive and well after much grunt work on the backend.

I'll fully discuss and post the templates along when I upload the current scenarios.


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