Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Busy Busy!

Busy Week!
Just getting everything prepped up for the summer season of Lair.
The next few publications will be Scenarios and campaigns since I'm going to be focusing on my own game for the next little while.
I'm sure many rules additions will crop up while I'm working on those so those will be compiled into a single issue once enough of them have built up in the scenarios.


The biggest change will be in the Sorcery part of the game.
I was going to put out a double issue for Sorcery with one for the players and one for the Demonlord.
I decided that I just didn't like the idea.
I wanted Sorcery to be far more fluid, mysterious and conducive to any given scenario.

So in my own game I will be introducing Sorcery (someone found some scrolls!) piece by piece.

Sorcery in Lair should be unpredictable so each "spell", demon, item, or other things will all have their own rules.  During play I'm sure that these will soon settle into a more standardized form and will publish a sorcery issue of guidelines once I have a large enough mass of material.


I was deadly serious about a Kartharka album. Stymied only by some linux issues on the computer that should be worked out shortly. I'll probably be posting the seperate songs here before the album is complete, or videos will go up on the Youtubes. Anyone who wants to throw a track on the album feel free to send it along. I'm in the process of building a new synthesizer which may or may not appear on this album but the guitar and the S612 sampler are raring to go. 


Yes indeed, promotional videos for Lair will be going up on the Youtubes, again linux software stymied this for a bit but some good alternatives were found, the moving pictures will arrive soon!


Those of you who know me in real life know that this has been in the works for the last couple of years, well I finally broke down and got me an arc welder. There may be a line of Kartharka toys born yet.

So keep your eyes peeled lots of free content is on it's way and if I can sort out the camera finally more pics than ever.

Thank the gods the main rules are all finished up so that we can all get down to playing!


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