Sunday, 17 May 2015

Ugly Metal, and some stuff on mounts

This horrible monstrosity is my first attempt at welding. I've never been so proud of something so ugly.
It aint pretty but holds fine as a tack weld. With a bit of practice the second injection molder should be under way soon. Pics of that as things move along as well.

As for my home game, sadly everyone had to cancel as it was a bit last minute, back on again, type of thing.
Rescheduled to next week. Hopefully then you will all be enthralled by amazing tales of Lair games in action.

Mounts in Lair

If you look in the background of the pic you'll see something a little strange, some mounted knights. Until I started painting them I never really thought about mounted rules in Lair.

Most games happen in town, or in a cavern or some such underground. Indeed there are some travelling encounters to be dealt with but the common mode of transport in Kartharka is Takket drawn sledges.

Riding a Takket, essentially an oversized extremely wooly goat, is not incredibly heroic (for dwarfs it's clearly okay, the Hobbit movies beat me to that one).

Horses in the Winterlands are completely off limits to the heroes, reserved only for agents of the Empire. Indeed any Winterlander worth their salt would never dream of riding a horse. Only those from the empire are so weak that they have animals do their walking.

But since I have the minis I started thinking about the heroes being attacked by either bandits on stolen horses  or having to deal with an attack by a band of Empire agents.

So I'm mulling over mounted rules.

You see, I don't want to just have the heroes stats increased when riding an animal, increased move, armour and attack would seem to be a suitable ruleset for mounted heroes but it just doesn't feel right.

Plus most rulesets tend to consider the horse as equipment at best, merely conferring a bonus when they are actually a living thinking animal in their own right.

Should the horse be allowed to make it's own attacks? Should their endurance be tracked separately?

Not sure yet, but just so you know, I'm working on something there, and once I find it the minis will appear on my board and then the rules will go up.

If anyone has some thoughts send them in to

Now that I'm thinking about mounts I'm starting to consider them pretty bad-ass.
Okay I'm moving these to the front of the line for rules. You may see a post for these instead of having to wait for it to get in an issue.


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