Saturday, 23 May 2015

Weekend update/ announcing Lair Chapbooks

Sorcery monograph cover in progress
Weekend Update.

Mini Lairs

I should have another quickie Lair made up before the end of the weekend "The Warlord", which sees the heroes being captured and enslaved by one of those upstart princelings trying to carve out a petty kingdom.

Hopefully these are quenching your thirst for Kartharkan content for the time being till the next big issue. The Veteran issue was such a monster that I have to step back from these massive issues for awhile. But luckily that means more free content for all the Demonlords out there.

Lair Monographs

While I will be taking a short break from the full size issues I will be putting out a few smaller publications.
They will be the standard half page size zine and will likely have black and white covers.

One will focus on the using the adventure design templates and the other will be for Demonlords who have heroes wishing to explore the dark realms of Sorcery. 

The monographs will be shorter but will also have a significantly lower price as the printing and shipping will be much cheaper.

I will also be putting those ones on the website with a pay what you want scheme of some sort for download.

Home Campaign

I've given up on Friday night, my group of players just has way too many commitments to make it on Friday nights.  Hopefully a change to Saturdays will get the game back on track. 

Ah is sucks being a grown up.

Lair Synth

Finished the case for the synth. installed all the extra faceplates on the sides, mounted the power supply and finished off the faceplate graphics.

Lair album

Had a few songs that were working their way close to release but had the system crash last week.  Sadly I wasn't archiving the music files like I do for the rest of the Lair material so it was all lost. Ah well,  no big loss.


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