Saturday, 13 June 2015

Announced: Full Sorcery issue in Production. Forked with Player only material.

Return once again, to the blowing mountain wastes of the Winterlands!

Your Heroes blast across the snowy dunes in search of their prey..But ho! What's this. A wizened old man stands in their path, he reaches to the skies and speaks dread and portentous words...

Issue 4: Sorcery! (forked)

I'll be honest, after the Veteran issue I was exhausted.

Not only was this issue a monster to create rules wise (1000 words are written for every one that made it to that issue), but it also contained more and better art than the other two issues combined.

The cover alone was almost the end of me with just way too long going into that one for the final result, which was admittedly pretty cool but still, took way too long.

Also real life intervened, causing a nightmarish amount of extra work and stressful times. I won't say real life will ever be happy or easy but things are definitely settling down.

All this led me to announcing that the sorcery issue would be a very short monograph instead so I could just whip it off and be done with it.

But I sat down last night, starting actually pulling all the piles of notes together and put real words down in the final outline and you know what! We're back in business! Doing these issues is just too much fun to deny myself so we are going ahead with a full issue for Sorcery, and yes, you saw correctly above, it will be "forked".

The first Lair Forked Issue

I was looking forward to this for a long time and indeed it was one of the cooler features I saw for Lair coming down the pipe.

You see for this issue there will be a Demonlord Version (marked with a D, as in issue 4D) and a Hero version (4H). That means the players won't have access to the Demonlord content, and for the first time ever in a Roleplaying game, the Demonlord won't have access to the Hero content.

That's right, there will be rules and options for the Heroes that the Demonlord won't know about. In Lair of Sword and Sorcery you can pull something out that surprises and thwarts the Demonlord!

Also you will be seeing updates here on the site for "Heroes Only" just like the "Demonlord only" ones like the Lairs.

I only wish I didn't have to write them so I could enjoy the surprises too! Ah well, it's lonely blazing a trail.

I can't get into too many details of what is in the issues without giving anything away to one side or the other but:

Sorcery is mysterious and Dangerous, the players will have only hints and clues as to what is possible but only the Demonlord copy will have the true history of Sorcery as well as all the rules for what is possible.

The players will be given options to "do things". Certain things will be available to them to thwart the Demonlord in his time of triumph, or to save the Heroes after they have done something monumentally stupid.

What comes after Sorcery?

After Sorcery will be the Scenario writing issue. The demonlord version will have all the templates, tools, rules and guidelines for creating Lairs, scenarios, and stories.

For the heroes will be an alternative character creation system. Details are a bit hazy on this one at the moment but I'm sure it will be hammered out by the time this rolls around.

I hope you all are enjoying the game as it rolls out, sorry bout all the back and forth on the Sorcery issue, yes more free content is coming soon.

May the blood moon shine on your enemies and the silver moon on your kin...


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